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Raystown Lake Cabin

Huntingdon county Aproved Trout Watters

Blacklog Creek, Garner Run, Globe Run, Great Trough Creek. Greenwood Lake, Hares Valley Creek, Laurel Run, Little Aughwick Creek - North Branch (Nine Mile Creek), North Spring Branch, Saddler Creek, Shade Creek, Shaver Creek (from DeArmills Mill upstream 10 University Dam, Standing Stone Creek (Black Bridge aon S.R. 0026 upstream 10 county line), Standing Stone Creek - East Branch, Three Springs Creek, Tuscarora Creek, West Licking Creek, Whipple Lake, Stone Valley Lake.

Hunting and Fishing

Raystown Lake is the one of the best places to fish in the area for: Catfish, Carp, Bass (Striped, Large mouth, Rock, and Smallmouth), Walleye, Muskellunge, Trout (Lake, Brown, and Rainbow), Atlantic Salmon, Perch, Smelt, Crappy, and Blue Gill!